Since 1851, woodwork has been our family business and since the beginning we direct our efforts towards quality, precision, competitiveness and punctuality. In the last years the productive activities have been remarkably developed and perfected.
The Company has been consolidated thanks to the increasing of machinery and the introduction of advanced systems.

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Our articles

We can produce turned and outlined articles and we can shape them in any form, dimension or quantity.


If required our articles can be supplied with rumbling, spray or dipping painting, they can be pantographed, serigraphied, hot pressed or laser engraved.

Caps for stoppers

Handles and knobs


Key ring


Crown cap covers for bottles

Car fresheners



Curtains finals

Mothproof scented wood

Air fresheners

Brushes cores

Lamp holders

Costume jewellery and fashion accessories

Passementerie items

Toys and didactic items